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Nethrani Dive Trip Dec 2008

That’s right, as promised the pictures from the trip. I have to say it was an awesome trip. Good company, good stories and most importantly good diving. Everyone had loads of fun. Even the fish had fun. Here are some of the pics from the trip. If you feel jealous or annoyed, well you can’t say you weren’t invited. The next time we invite you for a dive trip start packing and join in the fun. Else you just miss out all the fun and sulk at home.

29th December 2008

That is the date for our next course. Just in time to start getting into shape and burning off all the holiday goodies. Besides it is close enough for you to start a new year’s resolution to either start doing something useful for the environment, or starting to take up a new activity. How cool is it that Scuba Diving encompasses both those resolutions into one?

Update and pictures on our Nethrani adventures will be up soon. Meanwhile you can click here to view our new diving schedule. Also keep in mind that we can custom make a diving schedule to suit your needs. Just contact us for more information.

Coming Soon

I know you guys are extremely eager to read about the Nethrani Dive trip. Since we all just got back and have been swamped with stuff i shall try to promise you to have something new up next week. So its not only Xmas week but also more infomation on how the Nethrani Dive Trip went. Till then stay safe and dive safe.

Wish you were here?



It is visions like this, that start to make sense of the world that we live in. With all the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, the endless traffic jams, meetings and deadlines. This is what makes it all worth while to just stop and breathe. Scuba diving is one activity that brings you into this wonderfully peaceful world. So while you are at work today and cursing the the traffic that is slowly starting to build up. We are heading off to say hi to our favourite fish friends. Jealous much?

Wanna get your Dive On?

The time has come to kick off what Planet Scuba is all about.. “IT’S TIME TO DIVE!” Planet Scuba India (a 5 star PADI Centre) is organizing the first of our monthly dive trip to Nethrani Island just 450 km from Bangalore. Finally, a dive site close enough to home to go out on a Friday evening and return back Sunday night without having to wait out our “NO FLY TIME”. This means you can complete 4 dives and be back at work on Monday morning. The schedule for our Dive Trip to Nethrani Island is as follows:

Friday 12th of December
8pm meet and board the Sleeper Coach or Private Bus heading to Murudeshwar

Saturday 13th of December
·6am arrive in Murudeshwar and check into RNS Yatrinivas Hotel and freshen up, catch a few more winks, fuel up with breakfast and double check your gear
·8am load up and leave for the boat
·8:30am boat loaded and ready to set sail
·9:45 – 10am reach Nethrani Island, check the conditions and choose from 1 of 6 fabulous dive sites
·10:15 – 11:15 Dive deep into the Blue and feel the stress of city life fade away
·11:15 – 12 Sit back on the boat while our competent staff switched tanks and prepares your gear for the next dive. Feel free to swap exaggerated tales of the first dive and what you saw (we all know it looks bigger under water)
·12 – 1 Suck or sip back your second tank on us, that up to you but we will ensure that you are given every opportunity to enjoy another dive site
·1:15pm head back to the main land for a late lunch and chill out for the afternoon
·7:30pm early dinner, stories of the deep, such great company that you will find it hard to pull yourself away to get a good night’s sleep and charge up for the next day

Sunday 14th of December
·7am breakfast and ready to leave by 8
·8:30am on the boat and following the same routine as yesterday
·3pm back on the main land with another 2 dive day racked up in your log book
·5pm all packed up, checked out and ready to head back to the grind at home in Bangalore

Just off Murdeshwar, which is famous for its Shiva temple lies one of best dive sites in this part of the world. Nethrani Island. Nethrani is a small uninhabited island that would make a perfect setting for an adventure yarn. The last thing you would expect to see here is the submarine wonderland bustling with everything from Angelfish and Turtles to Barracuda and Moray Eels.

With depths ranging from 6 to 40 meters and visibility from 15 to 30 meters, divers from every level can experience the wonder of life beneath the waves.

The Nursery
A shallow dive site with a maximum depth of 10 metres. So named because of the profusion of juveniles of many fish species as well as Nudibranchs found here. Ideal for beginners as well as advanced divers who enjoy looking for all things small and wonderful. Great site for macro photography.

Grand Central Stations
High adrenaline action with lots of big fish. Gradual slope going down to 20 metres. This is one place the fish watch you !! Schools of big Surgeonfish, Parrotfish, Red Snappers, Batfish, Barracudas, Rabbitfish and many more come cruising by to check YOU out !!

The Abyss
Dropping down to 35 metres, this dive site is an ideal one for deep dive fanatics. Large schools of Barracuda, Tuna and cruising pelagics are often sighted. The gravel bottom has a gradual slope heading towards the island where we complete our safety stop in Dini’s Delight.

Dini’s Delight
Shallow dive with a maximum depth of 8 metres. Gigantic coral head are home to an incredible variety of fishlife. Good for beginners and photographers alike, this is a good spot to see lobster, moray eel and several species of angelfish and surgeonfish not commonly found in these waters.

Cul de Sac
With sheer walls on either side, this dive site is a pretty and gentle dive where one “goes with the flow” !! A gentle surge takes you into a cul de sac teaming with tiny reef fishes. The bottom is made up of sea grass where many species of Goby share their home with the housekeeping shrimp!.

Aladin’s Cave
Reported to be the mouth of a tunnel which travels into the core of the island!
We request you to fill the attached forms and send it to us by the 10th December along with the payment of Rs. 15000/- which includes:

Transportation to Murudeshwar and Back
Accomodation and Breakfast
4 dives at Netrani with snacks
Boat Charges
Equipment Rental

Please call us or mail us for any clarifications. There are limited spots available for this Diving Weekend so don’t be disappointed if you snooze and it books up quickly. Please contact us for any more details that you might need.Looking forward to blowing bubbles with you soon!

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