Ask Dave

What do you do with a man who has 37 years diving experience, has over 12,000 logged dives and has taught some 1800 people to dive? You make him Planet Scuba India’s Operations and Training Manager of course!

Meet David Perry, an extremely experienced and capable PADI Master Instructor. After Instructor and Dive Center Management positions all around the world he has finally settled in sunny Bangalore with us.

He has a vast wealth of knowledge and we look forward to taking advantage of this both in the Dive Shop and on our dive trips. David’s special love is deep wreck diving and he will be developing a program for the adventurous amongst us.

Ask Dave for the next PADI-Open water diver course. Or better still sign up for the course and ask Dave to tell you his diving tales. Trust me he has HEAPS of them.

About Planet Scuba India

Planet Scuba India Pvt. Ltd. 1315, Double Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560 038 Phone No: +91-80-41573939 Email -

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  1. Hello Dave and welcome to Bangalore,

    I have recently opened my eyes to the world of scuba-diving with a desire to explore the underwaters being in my mind for a long time. Going through the intricacies of starting scuba-diving on various sites on the web, I was struck by this link ( on medical fitness requirements which could possibly render me ineligible to dive. I’m 26 and overall in good physical/mental shape but for 2 points mentioned in the link: 1.I’m prone to frequent colds and mild sinusitis and 2. my dad had a recent heart attack thus putting me at risk (as the link says “A large proportion of scuba diving deaths in North America
    are due to coronary artery disease”). Also I’m a bit underweight for my age – around 15-20%.

    Do you think these points can act as a deterrent to entering the sport? It would be a huge disappointment if it were, but I would like to hear your opinion, lacking as there are few resources where I can get these doubts answered.


    -Vijay, Bangalore

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