DSD Experince

Sounds quite star trek doesn’t it? well its Discovery Scuba Diving Experince. Did you know we hold this event every alternate Sunday?  On mother’s day 10th May we held our Discovery Scuba Diving Experince for the Radio Indigo winners. They were extremely excited and pretty much hooked to the experince. The DSD experince is much like a tease. We tease and tempt you with what the whole scuba diving experince is all about. For RS 2500 i’d say its a bargain to experince weightlessness. So don’t be sitting at home on a Sunday bored, join us for a Discovery Scuba Diving experince.

About Planet Scuba India

Planet Scuba India Pvt. Ltd. 1315, Double Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560 038 Phone No: +91-80-41573939 Email - info@planetscubaindia.com

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  1. hi,
    This is arpana gemawat, one of the winners of the radio indigo contest. i must tell that the experience was awesome. i had wished i should do this once in a lifetime, but i guess its addictive. Everybody i met there were amazing, down to earth guys, had a lot of patience with the freshers, i mean some of these guys have done more than 1000 dives. hats off to them!!! when they talk about their experience, u know how much they all love doing it. Am happy that Bangalore is getting this opportunity to learn, get their skills right and get going because after that there’s no turning back, the ocean is all yours for u to explore. Thank u planet scuba for the great opportunity. will keep in touch.

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself arpana, we were delighted to show you the world of diving. Hope to see you soon for the proper course. Why just have a slice of cake when you can have the WHOLE cake AND the recipe? catch you soon!

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