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Boat Diving

The anchor chain clatters and engines drone down and sputter silent; you’ve arrived. You and your buddy help each other gear up with anticipation; this dive promises to be great. For this dive, there’s no long surface swim or entries through surf because you’re only 15 meters from the dive site – 15 metres above it. You enter the water, and in moments you and your buddy descend to the site.

Experiences like these attract divers to boat diving; in fact, virtually all divers end up diving from a boat sooner or later, whether it’s a skiff or a giant live-aboard sailboat. Yet surprisingly, some divers learn to dive and makes dozens of dives before they ever set foot on a dive boat; others learn to dive from one type of boat, but have little experience diving from others. If you fit in either group, the Boat Adventure Dive will speed your transition to diving from boats or boats you’re not familiar with.

Diving and boats make an obvious match, though there’s lot of diving from shore. Even where you can shore dive, divers often prefer to go by boat to enjoy several practical advantages and because it adds to the fun. Boat diving is fun because it puts you with others, who share your love of adventure and the diving lifestyle, giving you the opportunity to become friends, dive with them and learn from their experiences. Finally, one of the best reasons for diving from a  boat is that boating, like diving is a fun recreation and a great way to spend time near the water.

Considering the Maldives dive trip is on a live-aboard, this would be a great time to take up this speciality. Not only will you learn something about the boat that you are in, you get to experienece the thrill and ease of diving off a boat.

Deep Diving

Mention a “deep dive” and watch the reactions. Novice diver want to know what it’s like. More experienced divers who have been a bit deeper chat with excitement. Those qualified to venture to 40 meters show enthusiasm, though somewhat tempered with respect for the challenge deep diving presents. There’s something a bit attractive, exciting and mysterious about ‘ going deep’

As a OWD 18 metres marks the depth limit to which you’re qualified to dive. This limit isn’t arbitrary it’ based on no decompression limits, nitrogen narcosis an air supply but even if you’ve only made a few dives, you may be curious about deeper dives, perhaps simply to visit specific dive sites below 18 meters.

The Deep Adventure dive will satisfy some of this curiosity and give you access to some of those dive sites by qualifying you to dive as deep as 30 meters, in conditions as good as or better than those in which you have training and experience. You can do your deep dive speciality on the up coming Maldives Dive Trip. Just sign up with us and get ready to explore the deeper side of Maldives.

Drift Diving

As promised here is a write-up on drift diving speciality. This will be available on the Maldives Trip and it highly recommended as Maldives is one of the best places to enjoy drift diving.

If until now your experience has been that current are something you fight to swim against; drift diving will give you a whole new perspective. Drift diving grew out of the philosophy, “if you can’t beat them,join them” and is the prevailing practice in many areas with nearly continuous strong currents.

Drift diving can give you a real adrenaline pump. At some drift dive sites,the current rips you along far faster than you could swim, or even cruise with a DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle), sailing you along effortlessly. Some divers compare drift diving in clear water to hand gliding or horizontal sky diving but no airplane needed and you don’t have to worry about your chute opening.

Advantages of Drift Diving

  • Drift diving usually requires little effort. During the dive, you just go along for the ride, buzzing through the scenery with the current “swimming ” for you.
  • Drift diving opens up dive sites that are nearly impossible to visit any other way. In particular, rivers and some reefs are constantly in strong current that precludes non drift dive techniques.
  • Since you are floating along in the current, you cover more area and see more on a drift dive.
  • Many types of drift diving relieve you of having to return to or look for a specific exit point. The boat travels with you.

All you have to do right now is contact us and book for your drift diving speciality for the Maldives Dive Trip happening this month. Don’t miss out on a great oppurtunity!!

Soon to a blog near you.

Well, which goes to say is this blog, but yes coming soon i will be putting up some dive specialities that one can learn and master, i will start with a few that you can do right away at our up and coming Maldives Trip. Stay tuned, Also leave a comment if you are looking for any particular specialties or want something particular to be highlighted (scuba diving related and NO! Girls in bikinis have nothing to do with scuba diving). Stay tuned avid divers.

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