Top 12 Dive sites of Maldives – By Scuba Diver Life

Maldives is underwater heaven for divers, naturalists and anyone who loves the sea in its pristine form. More than anything else, it is how the small nation has left its wild free of human interference.  Scuba Diver Life tells us what makes the Atolls so spectacular for divers.

12 Great Dive Sites in Maldives

By Scuba Diver Life


The island nation is one of the tiniest in the world and is famous for its white-sand beaches and spectacular diving. Here are some of the best diving spots.

  • Cocoa Corner

    By Scuba Diver Life

    The best shark sight-seeing in the Male Atoll, Cocoa Corner’s protected marine area has beautiful coral reefs and sharp drop offs making it perfect for wall diving.

  • Kottey Outside

    By Scuba Diver Life

    For intermediate to advanced divers, this dive spot in Addu Atoll is liked for its dramatic landscape and shallow to deep diving.

  • Banana Reef

    By Scuba Diver Life

    The first dive spot to be discovered in Maldives, this popular destination has a varied landscape. Explore caves, cliffs, overhangs all while enjoying the views.

  • British Loyalty

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Maldives’ biggest wreck is 134m long, sitting at a depth of 33m, and is an attractive site for divers who want to explore the ship and the coral formations that have grown onto it.

  • Kuda Haa

    By Scuba Diver Life

    In the North Male Atoll, this tiny thila has many visitors of schools of fish and divers alike. A great site for beginniner divers, its isolation makes for a beauty unlike anything else.

  • Fotteyo Kandu

    By Scuba Diver Life

    This beautiful underwater island is located in the middle of a narrow channel, where divers can swim through and around hidden caves as they spot gray reef sharks.

  • Kalhahandi Kandu

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Nicknamed “Panettone” because of its resemblance to an Italian fruitcake, the diverse coral structures and formations attract tons of angelfish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, scorpion fish and more.

  • Broken Rock

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Through the channel of Ari Atoll’s broken rock, divers can see puffer fish, trigger fish and moray eels and can dive between 40-100 feet when not battling strong currents.

  • Gangehi Kandu

    By Scuba Diver Life

    To the north of Atoll, this site is home to strong currents and great variety of sharks and colorful coral formations. The area is sanctioned for advanced divers.

  • Kudarah Thila

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Perhaps the most popular site in Maldives, divers flock to these “pinnacles” for the myriad marine life, such as trumpet fish, dart fish, oriental sweetlips and gray reef sharks and turtles.

  • Maaya Thila

    By Scuba Diver Life

    All divers are welcomed here (except when currents are awfully strong) for day or night diving, where they’ll encounter octopus, stonefish, white tip reef sharks.

  • Hukrueli Faru

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Commonly known as Rangali Madivaru because of the plethora of manta rays seen here during monsoon season, the depths range from 25-100 feet.

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